POD3D is a digital media company started 5 years ago by David and Celeste Naude. We have worked with numerous media agencies and companies to deliver various successful campaigns. We work with some of the best in the industry and spearheaded new technologies through POD’s existence. We pride ourselves in offering you with the best solutions for various digital disciplines, including: Digital experiential (Games, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality) – social media – SEO and Adwords – Web site building and design – Graphic design – Mobile applications – Web Applications – 3D animation and visualization.

We get it right.

Our Expertise

Years of first hand experience in the services and products we offer.

Our Innovation

We use our own methods and proprietary solutions to get the best results.

Our Honesty

We make sure that we can deliver what we sell.

We do almost anything digital

Social media management – Web design and development – Graphic Design – Animation – 3D Visualisation – Mobile and web applications – Augmented reality – Games – Virtual reality