Social media – SEO and analytics – Adwords

Understanding digital marketing has become very involved as the technology evolves and changes daily. We have been involved with many of these technologies and tools and in many cases been the first to utilize them locally. Cross platform marketing has become an imperative part of every business and what used to be an advert placed in the local news paper has become peer-to-peer marketing happening over a vast social network.
With this in mind we have established a production team covering all aspects of marketing a business, a team dedicated to understanding what you want to achieve, but more importantly how to reach that goal in the digital realm.
Social Marketing:
Analytics is key. We know how to listen & by listening we can extract the data needed to market directly to your target market. Finding an audience that would support your business and love your brand. Targeting competitors through their own social networks and finding the sweet spot. We use various types of analytics software to achieve accurate and relevant results and build loyal fans and followers who hold a true interest in your brand. This in turn pulls feet through your doors which is what we are trying to achieve.
Search Engine Optimization:
First off understanding what Google wants, likes and requires – for good organic as well as paid results. Organic results are just as (if not more) important as ADWORD campaigns. Understanding and utilizing Analytics reporting to better configure and structure your web properties for these 2 purposes is key and part of our specialties as Google Certified Developers. We consult with clients extensively to understand their brand and strategise all our campaigns around this – it’s not just about the clicks – we need to keep prospective clients engaged through user friendly websites and frequent relevant information updates.